Universal Life Church Ordinations

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With the number of religions in the world, there are many ways in which a loving union is celebrated.

Universal Life Church ministers recognize the unique nature of all ceremonies. A wedding is a very personal ceremony for a loving couple.

Training to perform a wedding does not require an extensive class. Our website is deigned to offer options for performing the best ceremony for the couple. We invite you to learn from our resources and instructional material. Our ministry products section offers even more wedding literature, for use while offline.

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You will be referred to the ULC Monastery where you can complete your ordination. Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent to you; this will serve as a record of your ordination. Once you have done this you will be ready to perform services like weddings and baptisms. Don’t hesitate to begin your own ministry, just be sure to follow your personal calling. It is free to join and completely legal.

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